I visualize and question the hidden spaces of power, and therefore of control.


Formal education

2020: Audiovisual Postgraduate for photographers. IDEP Barcelona.

2018: Graphic Design Postgraduate. IDEP Barcelona.

2014 – 2018: Graduate in Photography and contemporary creation. IDEP Barcelona.

2014: Selectivity.

2014: Baccalaureate of Plastic Arts. Escola d’Art del Treball. Barcelona


February 2020 – Present: Teacher in photography at Idep Barcelona

May 2019 – May 2021: Studio Management at the studio of Jordi Bernadó

October 2016 – March 2017: Production assistant at Editorial RM.

July 2016: Assistant at the IDEP Summer Camp.

November 2015 – February 2017: Personal assistant of the photographer Tanit Plana.


2019 – A month at HISK, Gent, Belgium.


Pla Nacional de Fotografia, Generalitat de Catalunya

Awards and Selections

2021 – Artistas en Selección at FotoNoviembre 21 with Firma,.

2021 – Awarded at Ayudas a la Creación de VEGAP

2020 – Selected by Portfolio review at Art Photo Bcn

2019 – Finalist with Firma, at Premi Mallorca de Fotografia Contemporània.

2019 – Awarded at the area of ​​production by the Sala d’Art Jove with a new project.

2019 – Selected at LAB Fiebre Photobook with the dummy of Firma,.

2019 – Fuerzas y cuerpos selected at Athens Photo Festival Photobook Show.

2019 – Fuerzas y cuerpos selected as one of the best photobooks of the year in PhotoEspaña.

2019 – Pre-selected at Barcelona Producció 2019/20 at the Research modality.

2019 – Selected to participate at the Embarrat Tàrrega at the exhibition “La gran màquina VI”.

2018 – Awarded at the area of International exchange by the Sala d’Art Jove.

2018 – Selected to participate at the II Encuentro de Creación Fotográfica de Andalucía.

2018 – Selected at Viphoto Fest with project Firma,.

2018 – Selected at the Festival Internacional Fotografía Tijuana with project Fuerzas y cuerpos.

2018 – Selected at the shortlist Unseen Dummy Award 2018 with dummy Fuerzas y cuerpos.

2018 – Shortlist at Athens photo Festival with Fuerzas y cuerpos.

2018 – Pre-selected in UNZIP Arts Visuals Prat in the area of Photography and Society with the project Firma,.

2017 – Selected at the III edition of the Photogenic Festival 2017 with the project Fuerzas y cuerpos.

2017 – Awarded at the area of ​​creation of the Sala d’Art Jove with the Infrastructure intangible project.

2016 – Selected at SCAN Photobooks 2016, Tarragona with project Fuerzas y cuerpos.

2016 – Selected to participate at the VI Encontro de Artistas Novos.

2016 – Selected at Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2016.


2022 – (Opening January 14) Coming Soon Firma, at the Mapfre Guanarteme Foundation in the exhibition hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, at FotoNoviembre.

2021 – (Opening October 28) Coming Soon Firma, in Mapfre Guanarteme Foundation, in the exhibition room of La Laguna, Tenerife, at FotoNoviembre.

2021 –  Art Photo Bcn 2021 with Firma, in CC Can Basté (From June 10 to July 29).

2021 – Lumínic Festival with Firma, (From March 18 to May 2).

2019 – Photograph of Firma, at Brossa Dadà exhibition at Galeria Lola Ventós with La Muga Caula in Figueres (From June 8 to June 30).

2019 – Belfast Photo Festival exhibit the Unseen Dummy Award 2018 (From June 9 to June 30).

2019 – Athens Photo Festival Photobook Show with Fuerzas y cuerpos (From 13 June to 28 July).

2019 – PHotoEspaña. Group. The Best Photography Books of the Year, with Fuerzas y cuerpos. (From June 5 to September 1).

2019 – Exhibition of photographs of Fuerzas y cuerpos at the La Gran Maquina VI – Embarrat. (From May 25 to May 28).

2018 – Fuerzas y cuerpos at the La Barrina Casal Popular, Molins de rei.

2018 – Dummy Fuerzas y cuerpos in the Unseen Dummy Award. (exhibition from September 21 to September 23).

2017 – Intangible infrastructure at the APODIDRANSKINDA exhibition of the Sala d’Art Jove as awarded at the creation area, Barcelona. (From November 30 to March 29).

2017 -Fuerzas y cuerpos at the III edition of the Photogenic Festival 2017, Barcelona. (From September 29 to October 8).

2017 Autogenerar Energia at Aigües gris at El Visor, Barcelona. (From June 22 to August 31).

2017 -Fuerzas y cuerpos at the Escola d’Art La Industrial, Barcelona. (From February 8 to 24).

2017 – Dummy of Fuerzas y cuerpos at the SCAN PHOTOBOOKS, Tarragona. (From October 19 to January 8).

2016 -Fuerzas y cuerpos at the book fair and Artdakí de Cervera. (From October 21 to 23).

2016 – A cover ata the collective exhibition of “Variacions de la seducció” at the Papasseit Bookshop in Manresa. (From April 21 to May 25).

Talks or debates and round tables

2019 – Breaking ghettos: New audiences for the photobook. Round table with Inés Casals, Paula Artés and Sonia Berger. Moderated by Moritz Neumüller. Revela’t Day, Barcelona.

2019 – Photography from two different career moments. Dialog Tanit Plana and Paula Artés, Art Photo Bcn, Barcelona.

2016-2017 – Conduct of different talks with high school students of the Escola d’Art La Industrial on the photographic project Fuerzas y cuerpos.

Workshops given

2016 – Collaborate in the workshop “Street photography” in relation to the work of Vivian Maier coordinated by A Bao A Quo, Fotocolectania, Fujifilm and given by Tanit Plana, July 8.

2015 – Realization of the photography workshop on cyanotypics coordinated by Tanit Plana within the Ingàvid Festival, Arts Santa Mònica, July 4.


2017 – In Editorial RM as an assistant, collaborating with the production of the catalog of the exhibition “Fenómeno Fotolibro”.

2015 – Photographic collaboration in the Pep Vidal Trees, Treelines and Global Patterns project.

Mentions in media

2018 – News about Unseen Dummy Award at British Journal of Photography 

2018 – News at Viu Molins de rei about selection at Unseen Dummy Award

2018 – News at El Llaç (Molins de rei) about selection at Unseen Dummy Award.

2017 – Mention by Oriol Fontdevila in an interview at the culture supplement of El Punt Avui.

Publications of photographs

2018 – Photographs about project Fuerzas y cuerpos at the Camera Austria n144º.

2015 – Publication of photographs for the Trees, Treelines and Global Patterns project, Discover art. Number 198.

2015 – Publication of the photographs taken for Pep Vidal’s Trees, Treelines and Global Patterns project, Wall Street International.

2015 – Photographs on the leaf of the exhibition of the project Trees, Treelines and Global Patterns in the DNA Gallery, Barcelona.